The Project exemplifies innovative distribution. Not only has a peace-building project of this sort never been attempted through VR, but the educational applications of the content are endless.

There is significant demand across the world for our work and it is testament to this fact that we have been featured in some of the world’s biggest media outlets. Moreover, the Project was invited to British Parliament in February to discuss how VR be used in the UK national curriculum – educators are very excited to see what we have to produce. As the UK comes to terms with its colonial past, there will be significant broadcasting of the story of Partition. We want to tell this story using VR, but also lead national outlets in normalising visual storytelling in the classroom setting.

Over the past 2 years, we have been spoken at some of the world’s finest institutions: The University of Oxford, British Parliament, The University of Delhi (St. Stephen’s College, Lady Sri Ram), the Jaipur Literature Festival, the YOUNGA UN Take-over, TedXIGDTU, Geneva Peace Week and the Venice Gap Financing Market.

We are also founding members of the NPCC.

The NPCC represents a network of academics, activists and museum professionals through the United Kingdom who are working together to foreground South Asian heritage in the UK.

Further discussions regarding the decolonisation of the public sphere are planned with cultural groups throughout the United Kingdom. We are proud to be encouraging artistic reform as the first step towards a wider national commitment to addressing the implications of Empire.

In the press: