What does your ancestry look like? For most desis around the world, this is an ongoing discussion left with empty answers and misinformation.

The Lost Migration is a Project Dastaan feature-length documentary that aims at educating the world on this pivotal point in history.

A cinematic experience, the film profiles forced migrations of 5 Partition survivors. Throughout their stories, 2 historians recall economic, social and religious landscapes within their environment.

As viewers submerge themselves in a dramatic story about trauma at both individual and country-wide levels, one subject, Ehsan Siddiqui — the director’s grandfather — is seen making his journey back to his childhood home in Lucknow, India.

While sharing non-fictional narratives, the Lost Migration combines documentary-style storytelling with Verite art film elements which allows viewers outside of the community to feel connected to this time in history as we cover topics such as immigration, loss, identity, and lasting trauma — all which are prevalent in today’s world.